TDBGrid.left = -74760

Originally Posted 1 September 2011, 2:18 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 1 September 2011, 2:18 pm EST

    Edit: see update reply(s) below

    Version: TDBGrid Pro 7.0
    Environment: VB6

    I have a control array of TDBGrid and the grid at index 10 of the array is setting the .left parameter to -74760 when the form loads or initializes. It looks fine at design time before I run it but after I run it .left remains at -74760. All the other grids in the array are acting normally. This is the last grid in the array, I tried creating a new one at index 11 but it's also acting strang and unuseable.

    I tried to delete this grid but the VB6 .frm file actually gets corrupted when I do so. I also tried a few workarounds where I set the .left paramter at run-time but this yields inconsistent results with the container and such (each grid in the array resides in its own

    I've attached a picture of the property window of the grid.

    Please help me resolve this.

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    [s]Index 0 of the array was free so I set the grid to that and it seems to be working fine. Maybe it can't do an index greater than 9?[/s]

    Jumped the gun, still the same problem. Please help!
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    I tried the same on my end by creating a control array of 10 TDBGrid's

    However I was not able to replicate the same on my end as the last gird has the left value as 4680. I am using 2009.364 build

    I would also like to inform you that currently version 7 and below of ActiveX controls are not supported, so I would request you to check the same with the version 8 of the control to see if the issue can be reproduced on your end

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