True DBGrid 5.0, help with applying CD-KEY License

Originally Posted 23 December 2013, 3:38 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 23 December 2013, 3:38 pm EST

    True DBGrid 5.0, help with applying CD-KEY License

    I've been supporting a legacy VB6 app for years. Very big app. Works great. Uses True DBGrid 5.0 TDBG5.ocx. I'm trying to update my development PC to Windows 7 machine from Windows XP.

    Problem: Original CD’s SETUP.EXE fails with message “this version is not compatible with the version of windows”. Registering the file TDBG5.ocx on the machine was perfectly fine, loads up nicely in the VB6 IDE Components & toolbox, but is stuck in Evaluation" mode for the next 20 days and counting down.

    MY QUESTION: How can I manually apply the the original CD KEY (TDBG5-....) onto my new Windows 7 machine?? What's the method for certifying ownership and use of the control TDGB5.ocx in VB6 this? Is it a registry setting? Maybe a License file I can copy over from my old XP machine?

    I'm on day 3 of trying to figure this out.... Pls HELP ...

    New Jersey, USA
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    Hello John,

    I would like to inform you that True DBGrid 5.0 is an obselete version of the control and we no longer provide support for the controls below version 8.0.

    Also, it was never tested with Windows 7 environment as the same was not available at that time. Therefore, there might exist some issues.

    You can download the latest build compatible with Win 7, from the link below :

    However, recently there was a customer requirement who wished to continue using the older version of a control (VsFlexGrid7) on a Windows7 machine. To license the same on the Windows7 machine, we provided him with the "C1LIC.EXE" utility and the same worked for him.

    You can also try the case with the "C1LIC.EXE" utility available at :
    and see if it works for you.

    I would like to again clarify here that we no longer provide support for the ActiveX controls with versions less than 8.0.

    Kindly upgrade to the latest TrueDBGrid8 version, so that we could provide you with further assistance.

    Also, your old Key won't work with the TrueDBGrid Build : 8.0.20133.369. For using this build you would have to purchase a new license Key & for that you need to contact our Sales team :

    Phone : 800.858.2739
    Fax : 412.681.4384
    Email-id :

    Hope it clarifies.

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