TrueDBGrid and TrueDBList OLEDB Pro 7 controls not upgraded in wizard to Pro 8

Originally Posted 7 August 2013, 3:07 am EST

  • Originally Posted 7 August 2013, 3:07 am EST

    We currently use TrueDBGrid, TrueDBInput, VSSpell, TrueDBList and C1Sizer version Pro 7. some of the controls are OLEDB. When we try to use the upgrade utility to change the controls to Version 8, we notice that the OLEDB controls are not updated. How can be ensure that all the controls get updated?

    As well we noticed that the controls VSPrinter and VSViewPort are not in the new Pro 8 library, does this mean they are no longer supported?
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    Please refer to the following blog post where it has been described on how to migrate from a project with TdbGrid x.0 to TdbGrid8 :

    The VSPrinter & VSViewPort exist in the ComponentOne VSVIEW 8.0 Classic Edition :

    You may also refer to the following documentation links :!usingthevsprintercontrol.htm!vsviewportcontrol.htm

    Hope it helps.

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