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Originally Posted 17 February 2015, 4:51 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 17 February 2015, 4:51 pm EST

    Hi we have an application that is coded in VB4 16 bits and using TrueGrid 2.1Pro custom controls. We need to migrate it to VB4 32 bits, but it cannot load the VBX files that is needed for the custom controls.

    We have a licensed TrueGrid 6.0 that use CBX files and that can be use with VB4 32 bits. Do we have to replace all the TrueGrid controls (.VBX files) that we use in the application by TrueGrid 6.0 controls (.CBX files) or there is equivalent CBX files that replace the VBX files.

    Thank you !
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    Hello Frederic,

    I would like to inform you that TrueGrid 6.0 is an obselete version of the control and we no longer provide support for the controls below version 8.0.

    You can download the latest TrueGrid 8.0, from the link below :

    Please refer to the following blog post wherein it has been discussed on how to migrate your projects from TdbGrid x.0 to TdbGrid8.0 :

    Also, the TrueDBGrid 8.0 version was never tested with the VB4 environment as the same was not available at that time, therefore, there might exist issues.

    You are suggested to compile your application with the latest TrueDBGrid8.0 version on the VB6 environment and share your observations.

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