Upgrade from vsflexgrid 6 to 7 to 8

Originally Posted 14 May 2012, 6:44 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 14 May 2012, 6:44 pm EST

    I am trying to upgrade from vsflexgrid 6 to 8 (I am now coding on a Win7 machine). I understand from previous posts that I need to first move from 6 to 7, then 7 to 8. I found the utility to move from 7 to 8 ... does anyone know where I can get the utility to move from 6 to 7? Thanks!
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    There is no utility as such to move from 6 to 7

    Is there is no specific design time properties set then you may simply replace the control and related references and then debug the code

    If you used the conversion utility, unregistered all of the old ocx and dll files and registered the new ones, there is really nothing that should be holding that up now. Moving on you should look for any errors encountered in the code as there might be some changes in the property or methods used
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    Ok, thanks. I've started converting manually ... most properties are set at run-time but unfortunately there are some that were changed at design-time and it's a pain to determine what they were! There are about 80 instances of the control in this project. Oh well ... back to the code ...
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