VSFlexGrid8 DAO and Windows 7

Originally Posted 3 May 2012, 7:11 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 3 May 2012, 7:11 pm EST

    I am using VSFlexGrid8 (8.0.20052.221) in a VB6 application and it works with Windows 7, 32-bit except for one thing. I can't drop files from Windows Explorer to the grid (my app works fine in Windows XP). Is this a known problem with Windows 7? What is the solution? My application does allow dragging to other controls but dragging to VSFlexGrid8 shows an "deny" cursor (circle with slash).
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    I would suggest you to try the latest build of the same & share your observations

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    Windows 7 is very touchy about exe file names that contain certain words like "Setup" (see
    in the Installer Detection section). Not only does UAC display an annoying dialog when launching my app, it also blocks certain operations like drag and drop. I incorrectly stated earlier that other controls worked. It was because the file name of that exe was different.

    After rebuilding my VB6 exe with a different name, everything now works fine with VSFlexGrid8 (8.0.20052.221) and Windows 7.
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