VSPrinter8. Problem with export to .rtf.

Originally Posted 24 November 2011, 7:30 am EST

  • Originally Posted 24 November 2011, 7:30 am EST


    I use evaluate version vsprinter8. I want to export report to .rtf and use this code (in VBScript)

    .ExportFile = "C:1.rft"
    .ExportFormat = vpxRTF
    .Header = "header"
    .ExportFile = ""

    But the file won't created. How can I solve this problem?
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    When VsPrinter8 is exported to HTML and RTF File, all elements placed in a document are not translated into HTML or RTF. Graphical objects, text boxes, headers, footers will not translate, nor will RTF text translate into HTML. Most other elements will, including regular text, paragraphs, tables, and all character formatting.

    This is given the help file at :

    If you want to export then add some regular text like Paragraph to the VsPrinter and then the rtf will be generated with the paragraph. You can use the following code to generate an RTF :
    With vp
    .ExportFile = App.Path & "1.rtf"
    .ExportFormat = vpxRTF
    .Header = "header"
    .Paragraph = "Text in tables exports to PLAIN RTF"
    End With

    Let me know incase you have further queries.

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    Thanks for answer. The problem is solved. It was that I tried to create empty .rtf file.
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