ActiveReports 9 is Now Available!

Originally Posted 11 November 2014, 3:58 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 11 November 2014, 3:58 pm EST

    ActiveReports 9 is now available. Built on previous versions of ActiveReports, this release focuses on enhancing design-time features to make authoring reports easier. We have added three new features in addition to fixing bugs. Plus we've made significant improvements in run-time and design-time performance and in our memory footprint.</br>
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    <b><u>ActiveReports Developer</u></b>: Build 9.0.1678.0
    <b>Layers</b>: Beginning with ActiveReports 9, a report can have one or more layers. A Layer represents a group of controls. You can assign a group of controls to a layer, or add a new layer to the report and add, remove, and edit controls in it. Users can send individual layers or any combination of layers to different outputs. For example, printed output can display one set of layers, while a different set displays in the viewer. PDF, Excel, and other exports can each display a different set of layers suited to each output type or audience.
    Learn More | Working with Layers | View, Export or Print Layers| Tracing Layers

    <b>Visual Query Designer</b>: The long awaited Visual Query Designer simplifies the creation of SQL queries. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to define table relations, perform joins, create filters, apply sorting, and execute queries by clicking, dragging, and dropping tables and columns. This makes even complicated queries easy to create and comprehend.

    Learn More | Query Building with Visual Query Designer | Using the Visual Query Designer

    <b>Table of Contents</b>: This drag-and-drop report control allows you to display a Table of Contents in the body of a report. You can create the TOC with heading levels, bookmarks, and groups, and it updates page numbers on the fly. This makes report navigation quick and easy for your users, and maintenance easy for you. This feature is available in both Page Reports and RDL Reports.
    Learn More | Add a Table of Contents | Reports with ToC

    ActiveReports 9 also includes an enhanced Excel Export engine for more precise layout accuracy and faster export times. Design-time performance enhancements in the new release make large reports containing a lot of controls as responsive to work with as simple reports with a few controls. In addition, the report designers now include features that give you independent control of rounded corners in Shape and CrossSectionBox controls, and mouse controlled Resize Handlers for overflow areas in Page Reports.</br>


    <b><u>ActiveReports Server</u></b>: Build 9.0.1849.0
    The ActiveReports 9 Server Add-On includes improvements in the web-based designer, and in report management. The new Report Versioning feature allows report authors to manage modifications of ad-hoc reports and revert to older versions when needed. A history of revisions with comments is available on the Server Report Portal.</br>
    Learn More| Report Versioning

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    ComponentOne General Licensing Policy
    You can try it out for free with downloads that are fully functional for 30 days. ActiveReports 9 comes with exhaustive technical resources to give you a very smooth and easy start. The Customer Engagement team is always available to answer your questions if you would like a one-on-one conversation to discuss product features and benefits. Email or call the Customer Engagement team at +1 (412) 681-4343. They will be more than happy to help you out with any issues or questions you may have.
    Feel free to download ActiveReports 9, try it out and let us know what you think. We would love to hear and learn from your experience.
    Best regards,
    The ActiveReports Team
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    Are the three new features you referenced (working with layers, query building, and table of contents) available with the ad-hoc designer? If not, were there any enhancements to the ad-hoc designer as part of v9? Thanks,
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    The three new features are yet not incorporated in ad-hoc designer. However, you may create the reports using the ActiveReports and the same can then be uploaded on the server.

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