AR Server Operation time out with large reports

Originally Posted 3 August 2016, 5:34 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 3 August 2016, 5:34 pm EST

    Greetings, currently we're designing some reports using the Ad-Hoc designer. When built and tested they work fine although a bit slow (kind of obvious because they recover +65,000 rows minimum), but after saving to server and running them from reports dashboard they remain idle like for 2 minutes before an error message appears saying: "The operation has timed out." and nothing else.

    We've set our database server to not time out commands (and in the model settings we've left the command timeout in blank because supposedly this inherits the provider settings) additionally our IIS configuration for time out connections have been increased as well but none of this seems to work.

    Any ideas regarding the problem?, almost every report we use is large so this is a critical error for us.
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    In the connection string, if you leave the connection timeout to blank, it sets the timeout to a default of 30 seconds. You could try to set a time-out value here to something high and see if that helps.

    Other troubleshooting steps that could provide some insight towards a solution:

    1. User SQL Profiler (or Toad if you are using Oracle) to trace and get information of what queries are running on the database and how long they are taking. Also note, the size of the data coming from the database server as a resultset.

    2. In the server machine, check the ActiveReports Agent service to see how much memory and CPU it is using. Is it still working when the timeout is shown?

    If the database is taking a long time to return the resultset or has a lot of data to send, then tuning the database may help the performance.

    If the agent is using all or most of the resources on the server machine, and you see IO read/writes increasing during the running of the report, it may mean that the agent is resorting to virtual paged memory... adding more RAM in this case may help.

    Also, please share the size of the resultant report... you could run it as a scheduled task and export as PDF or as a link to see the potential size of the report. Sometimes, large files have timeouts when transferred from the server to the client browser.

    Depending on what these steps identify, we can provide guidance for further improvements and tweaking.

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    Hi, we've done some of the steps recommended and our results are the following:

    1.- Set connection time out in connection string: we've set it to 30,000 and the result is the same, the "operation has timed out" error appears after like 2 minutes approximately.

    2.- Active reports server agent and Active reports server host increase like a 10% when trying to run the report (when they're not being used their CPU and RAM consumption is about 00-05 CPU/285,508KB RAM for agent and 10-15 CPU/1,704,664KB RAM for host) and after the error message they take like a minute or less to return to normal. Our server specifications are: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5650 @ 2.67GHz RAM: 8.00 GB.

    3.- After downloading (to PDF) one of the reports in which this issue appears, the resulting file size is 12,481 KB.
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    I have escalated this to the dev team to get more inputs on other places where we can configure timeout values that may be impacting your environment.

    I will update you as soon as I get some inputs from them.

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