Exporting Report Pages to separate PDF files using a temporary report

Posted by: aprilda on 4 August 2017, 2:47 pm EST

  • Posted 4 August 2017, 2:47 pm EST



    I’m using ActiveReports 2 in VB 6.  I’m trying to export report pages into separate pdf files.  I’m doing this by creating a temporary report and adding the pages I need to export and then exporting the temporary report. The problem is that the main report containing the pages to export is also a temporary report with pages inserted from other reports.  I can get the export to work fine if I copy pages from one of the original reports, but not when I copy from my combined temporary report.


    When I copy from the temporary report, I can open it in the viewer just fine but if I try to export the report to pdf without running the report first,  I get the error: 2147467259 – Automation error  Unspecified error. (I get this error when I step through the code).  Or I get the error: Error: -2147467259 – Method ‘Export’ of object ‘arRptCombine’ failed.


    If I run the report first, it will export just fine, but my pages are blank unless I commit the pages first. 


    If I commit the pages, run the report and then export it, I get the same errors as above.


    Here is the code I’ve been testing with.  This is after the combined report is already created and contains pages from various reports.  Now I want to split those pages into separate pdf files.


        Dim oPDF As ARExportPDF

        Dim rptCombinedSplit As arRptCombine

        Dim intIndex as Integer            


        Set rptCombinedSplit = New arRptCombine


        Set oPDF = New ARExportPDF

        oPDF.FileName = "C:\Data\test.pdf"


        Do Until intIndex > rptCombined.Pages.Count - 1

            rptCombinedSplit.Pages.Insert 0, rptCombined.Pages.item(intIndex)


                rptCombinedSplit.Run False

                rptCombinedSplit.Export oPDF

            intIndex = intIndex + 1

            Set rptCombinedSplit = Nothing

            Set rptCombinedSplit = New arRptCombine




    Is it not possible to split and export a temporary report?




  • Replied 4 August 2017, 2:47 pm EST

    What version of ActiveReports are you using? Does your pdf export dll match?

    You could try using the export method of the pdf object instead of the report, I haven't experimented to know if there is a difference, but for some reason I've always used the export method off the export object and haven't had trouble.

    For intIndex = 0 to rptCombined.Pages.Count - 1     

            Set rptCombinedSplit = New arRptCombine 

            rptCombinedSplit.Pages.Insert 0, rptCombined.Pages.item(intIndex)


            'rptCombinedSplit.Run False

            oPDF.Export rptCombinedSplit.Pages

    Next intIndex

  • Replied 4 August 2017, 2:47 pm EST

    Thank you very much.  The problem was in my dll versions.  I had lost my hard drive a couple of weeks ago and had to reinstall everything from scratch.  So I must have mixed up some of the service packs.  It works perfectly now. 

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