How does Active Reports Caculate the Page Print area?

Posted by: myronjames on 4 August 2017, 3:01 pm EST

  • Posted 4 August 2017, 3:01 pm EST


    I'm attempting to use Canvas.Drawtext to print to the Report. The problem is that the place I need to print moves based upon the Number of Records, whether the records info causes a wordwrap, & even the sizes of the headers will change based upon user input. I need to know how Active Reports views the print area & how it caculates where stuff ends up. Does AR subtract the Top&Bottom Margins from the printable area? Does it know when one of the Header Heights changes? etc...

    Update: I also need a means to obtain the Height of a control in Detail_Format. I can get them via Detail_BeforePrint, but am always missing 1. The thing is that the Height can change from record to record.


  • Replied 4 August 2017, 3:01 pm EST


    Please try to use BeforePrint event to get the accurate height of the controls/sections, all controls/sections growth have already taken place by the time this event
    fires. Basing on this accurate height you can print using Canvas.DrawText method.

    ActiveReports does not *subtract* the Top/Bottom Margins from printed area, it prints in the Page/Canvas coordinates (Pixels) basing on your page/print settings.
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