Posted by: digimonk on 4 August 2017, 2:54 pm EST

  • Posted 4 August 2017, 2:54 pm EST


    I've been trying to get the <font color="#800080">localization</font> to work, specifically with the <font color="#000080">Viewer</font>, but have been unsuccessful.  I'm using <font color="#000000">ActiveReports </font><font color="#ff0000"></font>.

    I want to bring up a report in the <font color="#000080">Viewer</font> in a <font color="#a52a2a">Japanese </font>version
    of Windows.  I have followed the instructions for translating and
    compiling the DLLs in the Localization folder and have put them in the
    proper folder on the target machine.  Unfortunately, the <font color="#000080">Viewer</font> was still in English. 

    I brought up <font color="#006400">FileMon </font>(<font color="#000080">http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/Filemon.html</font>) and watched for DLL access while generating and viewing a report, and my application found and read <font color="#ff0000">ARIntl.dll</font> from the <font color="#ff0000"><font color="#a52a2a">1041</font> </font>folder (for <font color="#a52a2a">Japanese</font>) but never even tried to access <font color="#ff0000">ARDIntl.dll</font> or <font color="#ff0000">ARVIntl.dll</font>.

     I tried recompiling the DLLs with the string table set to <font color="#a52a2a">1036</font> (<font color="#a52a2a">French</font>) and then installed to a <font color="#a52a2a">French</font> version of 2K3 Server.  Again, <font color="#ff0000">ARIntl.dll</font> was the only DLL accessed when I created a report for viewing in the<font color="#000080"> Viewer</font>.<font color="#a52a2a"><font color="#000000">

    </font></font>Would someone please shed some light on what might be going wrong here?  Thank you very much.

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