TIFF Export for W2K3 Fax

Posted by: um-markussoft-de on 4 August 2017, 2:32 pm EST

  • Posted 4 August 2017, 2:32 pm EST

    ?For the DD wishlist :
    New Windows 2003 SBS allows to send faxes by easy to use program control. Unfortunately they do not understand the DD exported TIFF Format.
    Would be nice to have the choice to export TIFF in uncompressed format or the MSFAX compatible:
    <h2> Fax Image Format </h2>

    The fax service creates fax documents as Tagged Image File Format, Class F for facsimile (TIFF Class F) files based on the TIFF 6.0 specification.

    In addition to the requirements of the TIFF 6.0 specification, the fax service has the following requirements for TIFF Class F files:

      TIFF files must have the Modified Modified READ (MMR) two-dimensional encoding data compression format. This format is defined by CCITT (The International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee) Group 4.

      The byte-ordering format of TIFF files must match the byte-ordering format of the CPU processing the file. For example, if a little-endian CPU is receiving the TIFF file, the file must be in little-endian format.

      The TIFF field (tag) <i> RowsPerStrip</i> must contain a value of 1. This is because the fax service does not support transmission of data image strips. The <i> RowsPerStrip</i> describes the number of scan lines per image strip in the facsimile image.

    For current information about required and recommended tags for TIFF Class F files, or for the complete specification for TIFF files, contact Adobe Systems Incorporated.

    Thanks !

    Uwe Markus

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  • Replied 4 August 2017, 2:32 pm EST

    ?Hi Uwe!

    Have you tried the different Tiff export methods available to the TIFF export? There's a few there that support most fax drivers. exportObject.FaxExportCITT3 should produce 'TIFF G3' and .FaxExport should produce the 'TIFF G4' format.
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