WordWrap at non letter or number?

Posted by: neal007 on 4 August 2017, 3:19 pm EST

  • Posted 4 August 2017, 3:19 pm EST


    I have a field in a simple report which holds a list of airport identifiers I call "Route of Flight". For example:


    The problem is that when wordwrap occurs it wraps on any character and I need it to wrap at a hyphen.

    So I get:



    But I want:



    Is there a way to implement this?

    Thank you.
  • Replied 4 August 2017, 3:19 pm EST

    You can measure the field's value in the section's Format event and add custom logic for word wrapping:

    Private Sub Detail_Format()

    Dim val As String, w, h As Variant

    val = Field1.Text

    Canvas.MeasureText val, w, h

    If w > Field1.Width Then

    ' Custom word-wrap logic modifying value of the val variable

    End If

    Field1.Text = val

    End Sub

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