Flex Pie Chart appears to be invisible

Originally Posted 8 July 2017, 2:19 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 8 July 2017, 2:19 pm EST

    Hi, I dowloaded the beta version for use in the application I am building. I am using FlexPie. The pie-chart is not visible but the labels for the segments become visible when I click on them. Its almost as if the pie-chart is invisible.

    I have created a page AttendancePage.xaml with associated AttendancePage.xaml.cs.

    In AttendancePage.xaml.cs I have the method

    protected override async void OnAppearing()


    await viewModel.GetAttendanceData();

    pieChart.ItemsSource = viewModel.AttendancePie;


    Any ideas? Thanks. Rick
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    Hi Rick

    My guess would be that the renderer hasn't been initialized (assuming you're seeing this behavior in iOS). You can initialize the renderer by adding the following code to your AppDelegate file:


    Also (just so you know) the beta version of FlexPie has not been released as of yet so I think you're still using the Xuni one. The new ComponentOne Xamarin Edition control should be available next week.


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    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for your response. I followed your suggestion in your response to support case that I raised.

    pieChart.IsAnimated = false;

    It now works. I had spent hours trying to figure this one out so I am glad there is a workaround for this.

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