Posted by: jarlath on 8 September 2017, 3:10 pm EST

  • Posted 8 September 2017, 3:10 pm EST

    I am using 6 and Visual Studio 2010. I am trying to open a spreadsheet in Excel and tried typing in exactly as the documentation described. However, I get an exception every time. Below are what I have been trying:

    FpSpread1.SaveExcel("C:\MappingPractice.xls", FarPoint.Excel.ExcelSaveFlags.SaveBothCustomRowAndColumnHeaders)

    FpSpread1.OpenExcel("C:\MappingPractice.xls", FarPoint.Excel.ExcelOpenFlags.RowAndColumnHeaders)

    The exception is: "{"File Save Error in C:\MappingPractice.xls"}"

    I have plenty of hard drive space free, nearly 2 TBs. Any thought?
  • Replied 8 September 2017, 3:10 pm EST


    We are unable to replicate the issue at our end using Spread 6.0.3507 version.

    Could you please check if you have rights to save file in C: drive. Try changing the path wherein the file is to be saved to some other location other than C: and see if the issue persist. You can just save it in project's Bin>Debug folder only and see if the issue persist?

    If the issue still exist then please send us the stripped out sample replicating the issue.

    Please have a look at the attached sample with which we tested the issue at our end.

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