Updating more than one row with same id , without using loop

Posted by: ashis on 8 September 2017, 1:14 pm EST

  • Posted 8 September 2017, 1:14 pm EST

    Hi Bob

    I want to detect all the rows with a particular row that has same ItemID, and trying to change the color of that row(for example). In the spread there may be many records with same ItemId. If I am changing the back color of ItemID 123 , then all rows with ItemId 123, should reflect the action.

    I can loop through all the row and can compare the Itemid fileld, then change the backcolor. But I do not want to use the loop as there may be 999999 rows  which may become a performance issue.

    Any other way to achieve the same?


  • Replied 8 September 2017, 1:14 pm EST

    Ashis -

    There is not a way to do this w/o looping through the rows.  Sorry.
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