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Posted by: c-m-v-56 on 8 September 2017, 2:28 pm EST

  • Posted 8 September 2017, 2:28 pm EST

    What new features does the Spread has to support Macros and/or VBA. Do you have any document that deeply explains the enhancements? I really need an answer because many of the tabular worksheets I pretend to use with Spread are fully implemented with VBA.

    Does the Spread preserves the NAMES of cell ranges?

    Thank you in advance


  • Replied 8 September 2017, 2:28 pm EST


    Version 5 of Spread can load Excel files containing macros,
    VBA code, and pivot tables using the new ExcelOpenFlags.DocumentCaching,
    and you can make changes to the spreadsheets and save them to Excel
    using ExcelSaveFlags.DocumentCaching, and it will preserve the
    unsupported content in the Excel file.

    And regarding the list of Enhancements from the previous release you can have a look at Read Me file, here is the list of the same from Read Me:-


    Enhancements from the Previous Release
    This version of the product has the following enhancements from the previous release:

    Chart Control 

    2D or 3D View 

    Plot Types 




    Lighting Options 

    Chart Designer 

    More Display Options 

    Title and SubTitle 

    Column and Group Footers 

    Row Preview 

    ScrollingContentInfo Class 

    Row Selector Property 

    More Import and Export Options 

    Import and Export Password Protected Excel Files 

    Open Method in SheetView Class 

    ForceCellDelimiter Option for SaveTextFileRange Method 

    New Cell Features 

    LinkToolTips Property for HyperLink Cells 

    StringTrim Property for HyperLink Cells 

    EnableSubEditor Property for Currency, Date, Percent, Number, and Text Cells 

    SelectionMode Property for Listbox Cells 

    CellPadding Property in the Cell Class 

    FocusRectangle Property for CheckBox Cells 

    SimpleEdit Property for DateTime Cells 

    SpreadDropDownMonthCalendar and SpreadMonthCalendar Subeditors for DateTime Cells 

    New Editing Options 

    FocusPosition Property 

    New Events and Event Properties 

    EditorFocused Event 

    PreviewRowFetch Event 

    Cancel Property in EditModeStarting Event 

    Count Property in ColumnDragMoveCompleted Event 

    Count Property in RowDragMoveCompleted Event 

    Ungrouped Event 

    ClipboardPasted Event 

    ColumnFooter Property in CellClick Event 

    More Methods and Properties 

    HorizontalScrollBarSmallChange Property 

    VerticalScrollBarSmallChange Property 

    AllowEditorReservedLocations Property 

    NullBackColor, NullFont, and NullForeColor Properties 

    LockFont Property 

    SelectionFont Property 

    Return FpSpread from SheetView 

    GroupBarInfo Class 

    Additional Options for the ClipboardCopy Method 

    Additional Option for the ClipboardCut Method 

    Additional Option for the ClearRange Method 

    ColumnCount Option for ColumnMove Method 

    RowCount Option for RowMove Method 

    GroupingPolicy Property 

    Additional Fields in the SpreadActions Class 

    Additional Fields in the UndoRedo Class 

    AllowColumnMoveMultiple Property 

    AllowRowMoveMultiple Property 

    AllowRowMoveDataAllowAddNew Property 

    SetColumnAutoSortIndex and SetColumnAutoFilterIndex Properties 

    GetColumnAutoSortIndex and GetColumnAutoFilterIndex Properties 

    RowHeaderSelectorIndex Property 

    ColumnFooterSheetCornerStyle Property 

    ColumnFooterSheetCornerStyleName Property 

    Expandable Property 

    AutoSortFrozenRows Property 

    AutoSortFrozenTrailingRows Property 

    New Design Features 

    Spread Quick Start Wizard 

    Copy, Cut, and Paste Sheet Context Menu in Spread Designer 

    Updated Spread Designer 

    Additional Enumerations 

    Numeric Sort Option for Row Filter List 

    AutoRowHeight Option for the ExcelSaveFlags Enumeration 

    AlwaysEditButtons Option for the ButtonDrawModes Enumeration 

    Gray Area Option for CursorType Enumeration 

    ClipboardCopyOptions Enumeration 

    TextFileFlags Enumeration 

    New Formula Functions 











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