ASP.NET Web Forms - Report Viewer - File is not a valid C1MDX file.

Originally Posted 27 January 2016, 4:14 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 27 January 2016, 4:14 pm EST

    I have been trying to implement the ASP.Net ReportViewer and continually receive the message 'File is not a valid C1MDX file.'

    I receive this error only when running the page through a browser. Running the report through the C1Reports designer the report runs fine.

    I receive this error when walking through the Quick Start via the online help.
    I also tried by creating a new XML report (A basic listing report based on SELECT * FROM tbl.)

    As a just in case, I included references to C1Report, C1Report.CustomFields, C1Chart, C1BarCode and still receive the message.

    I have updated to the latest version 3.5.20153.223.
    This is running under the .NET 4 framework.

    Any potential direction to resolve is appreciated.
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    We are sorry to mention but we could not replicate the issue at our end using the latest build of Studio for ASP.NET WebForms.

    Therefore, we would request you to please look into the attached sample application for the implementation and also if possible, please share the modified version of the attached sample application replicating the issue so that we can assist you further.

    Raunak Ladha
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    Thank you for looking into and the sample application.

    I performed the following:
    - Unzipped the project to a folder.
    - Attempted to open in Visual Studio 2010 (v10.0.40219.1 SP1Rel)
    - Received the message
    “This project is incompatible with the current version of Visual Studio”
    - Edited the 'ReportViewer_MDXFile.csproj' with notepad changing
    TargetFrameworkVersion from "v4.5" to "v4.0".
    - Was able to open the project with Visual Studio 2010
    - Received the message: This project requires missing web components....
    Downloaded and Installed IIS8 Express (see attached PDF)
    - Was able to run project and still received the ''File is not a valid C1MDX file.'
    (see attached PDF)
    - I have attached the adjusted project that has issues.

    I have duplicated this on two different, yet similar workstations.

    General environments:
    - Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit
    - Visual Studio 2010 Professional SP1



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    After much testing I believe I have the issue figured out and resolved.

    I was able to configure an environment:
    Win10 / VS 2013 / Current Version of C1 (Eval) of ASP.NET and Winforms
    In this environment I was able to correctly implement/run the ASP.Net ReportViewer
    as an IIS website.

    I copied the project to my primary development environment:
    Win7 / VS 2010 / Current Version of C1 ASP.NET and Winforms

    Surprisingly, in this environment I was now able to correctly run the ASP.Net ReportViewer
    as an IIS website without issue. I began working with the project in VS2010 and after
    some minor changes to the project, I attempted to run the website as a web page reverted
    back to the 'File is not a valid C1MDX file.'

    In comparing the projects, it seems opening the website/project in VS2010 was reverting
    the file 'C1.Win.4.dll' located in the Bin folder to a previous version (4.0.20152.74)
    versus the functioning version (4.0.20153.110). Restoring to the functioning version
    restored the functionality.

    This did not seem to cause any errors/issues in the development or production environments
    with the exception of the error 'File is not a valid C1MDX file.'
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