C1GridView Formatting not working in IE

Originally Posted 12 February 2013, 9:12 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 12 February 2013, 9:12 pm EST

    I'm using a C1GridView and I changed the headers to be aligned in the center. They display correctly in Chrome and Firefox, but not IE. (I'm using IE9)

    I tried this line as a grid setting (outside of the columns) as well as on each field.

    <HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" />

    Does anyone know how to get IE to follow directions?
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    I was not able to reproduce this issue at my end. Could you please let me know which build of Wijmo are you using at the moment? I have attached the sample which I used at my end to test this issue. The horizontal alignment for the headers is set to "Center" and it works well in IE 9.0. I have also attached a screenshot of the output which I got at my end. Let me know if there is any additional step required to reproduce this issue.


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    The code you have in your example is the code I'm using in mine except for the grid version. I believe that the grid I'm using precedes the wijmo release. The assembly reference is C1.Web.UI.Controls.2. I have not tried converting to the wijmo release because the themes are different. I'm currently using the Visual Style Office2007Silver style in the whole site. I could not find a wijmo theme that would match the rest of the site. I'm going to demonstrate the wijmo control to the client to see if I can find a theme that is acceptable, but I may not be able to change the look either on just this page or on the whole site.
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