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Originally Posted 2 April 2014, 3:47 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 2 April 2014, 3:47 pm EST


    I've a C1PrintDocument where I've a RenderTable that has some grouping of data which I created using RowGroups option. In my case, groups are dynamic. I'm struggling with two requirements:

    1. We would like to print the Group value in the Page Header. Since Page Header is not part of Table, we tried to reference it using Aggregates. However, in case of Aggregate, regardless of whether we use First or Last, or Group level or Document for Running, we get either the first value or the last value and not the Group value that is on the current page.

    2. How can we have the header in the Group to repeat on each page if Group spans multiple pages.

    I hope I'm clear in my question.


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    I've attached the sample code and sample PDF for reference. In the sample PDF, I'm expecting either the heading Group4 to repeat on Page 2 or to show in the Page Header. In fact, it will be great if both could be achieved.

    I understand that if we use separate tables for Grouping vs Details, and use RenderArea/ RenderSection etc., we could achieve the effect but I would still prefer to use 1 single table if I could.

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    Any updates/ hints?
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