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Posted by: tommyt328 on 10 September 2017, 11:45 am EST

  • Posted 10 September 2017, 11:45 am EST

    A couple questions about the C1Upload control.
    1. Is there anyway to refresh the screen after an upload. I have the c1upload control and a grid on a screen. I'd like to refresh the grid after uploading a file.

    2. If I press cancel or cancel all after picking a file the screen goes blank and the word false appears in the upper left corner.

  • Replied 10 September 2017, 11:45 am EST

    Hi Tommy,

    1. You can handle the OnClientComplete client side event of C1Upload and use the following code :

    function C1Upload_Complete(sender, args) {

    2. I can't reproduce the second issue with the latest build. You can download it from http://prerelease.componentone.com/dotnet30/c1webwijmo.webforms/2012-t1/C1WebWijmo.Webforms_3.5.20121.56.zip
    and give it a try.

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