Can Gridview be used like Excel for editing?

Posted by: stringtheory2 on 10 September 2017, 11:43 am EST

  • Posted 10 September 2017, 11:43 am EST

    I've tried various permutations of settings for wijmo:C1GridView, and can't yet get it to behave like a full table bulk editor like an Excel spreadsheet, that won't save unless a button outside the gridview is pressed. What it's doing now is cell by cell editing, which is the UI I want, but when I navigate to a different row, it automatically saves. I want it not to save automatically, ie, I don't want a screen flash between row changes. Any ideas ? Here's my settings. Thanks for any help:
    <wijmo:C1GridView ID="C1GridViewBulkEdit" runat="server"
    ClientEditingUpdateMode="Manual" DataSourceID="SDS"
    AllowClientEditing="true" AllowKeyboardNavigation="true"
    ClientSelectionMode="SingleCell" EnableViewState="true"
    HighlightCurrentCell="true" DataKeyNames="id"
    CallbackSettings-Mode="Partial" CallbackSettings-Action="None"
  • Replied 10 September 2017, 11:43 am EST


    You can refer to the blog "Creating Spreadsheet like editable grid" for your issue. The same can be found on the given below link:

    You can use the C1GridView -Wijmo control in place of C1GridView-Ajax control that is used in the sample. Also, you can bind with a DataSource of your choice in place of SqlDataSource used in the example as per your requirements.

    Hope this helps.. !!
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