ComboBox not visible when using OnClientChange property

Originally Posted 10 May 2013, 10:58 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 10 May 2013, 10:58 pm EST

    I am trying to use a ComboBox and modify it using javascript. However, any time I set a value in the OnClientChange or OnClientSelect properties, the ComboBox is not visible on the page. If I remove the OnClient settings, it shows as expected.

    I tried adding it in the markup and in the code behind. (Both before and after adding items to the list.) I also tried with and without the "()", with and without a ";", and I tried adding "javascript:" before the function name.

    Attached is an example of my code:
    wijmo:C1ComboBox ID="comboSiteList" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" DropdownWidth="400" DataSelectedField="SiteID" OnClientChanged="ShowHideSitePwd()"
    wijmo:C1ComboBoxColumn DataField="SiteID" Name="SiteID" /
    wijmo:C1ComboBoxColumn DataField="SiteName" Name="Name" Width="300" /
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    Also, here is the javascript located in the content section of the page.

    function showHideSitePwd(sender, args) {

    I have also changed the OnClientChanged to look like this:
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    I got it to work, but I'm not sure why. I have been changing combinations for a while. It is not setting any values on the page load except for adding items to the list.

    I am using the javascript in the above post and the control looks like this. (AutoPostBack has been removed, but that was after I got the control to be visible.)

    Here is the final ComboBox definition on the page:

    wijmo:C1ComboBox ID="comboSiteList" runat="server" DropdownWidth="400"
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    I tried the same on my end for OnClientChanged and OnClientSelect like:

    function C1ComboBox1_OnClientChanged(e, data) {
    var val = data.selectedItem.value;
    alert("I live in " + val + "!");

    <wijmo:C1ComboBox ID="C1ComboBox1" runat="server" DropdownWidth="400" OnClientChanged="C1ComboBox1_OnClientChanged" AutoPostBack="True">
    <wijmo:C1ComboBoxItem Value="AL" Text="Alabama"></wijmo:C1ComboBoxItem>
    <wijmo:C1ComboBoxItem Value="AK" Text="Alaska"></wijmo:C1ComboBoxItem>
    <wijmo:C1ComboBoxItem Value="AZ" Text="Arizona"></wijmo:C1ComboBoxItem>

    This seems to work fine on my end, can you check the build on your end and test it with 2013.111
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