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Originally Posted 21 August 2014, 7:49 am EST

  • Originally Posted 21 August 2014, 7:49 am EST


    I am getting an error: "Failed to create custom field 'C1.C1Report.CustomFields.Chart' from assembly 'c1.c1report.customfields.4'."

    I am using ComponentOne Studio for ASPNET_2011

    I have troubleshoot almost everything that were suggested in the forum.

    I am creating a Report Defination(xml) template using C1ReportDesigner. The Report defination contains some subreports and Custom Filed for Chart. The report works fine with the C1ReportDesigner Preview, but when I am using the same template in web forms 4.0 using C1ReportViewer it givers me the above mentioned error. Without CustomField (Chart) it won't gives me error.

    I have mentioned the versions of the dll's below:

    C1ReportDesigner Details

    Designer Version: 4.6.20111.54308
    C1Report Version: 4.6.20111.54308
    C1.C1Report.CustomFields.4.dll -----> 4.6.20101.1
    C1.C1Report.4.dll -----> 4.6.20111.54308 (\ComponentOne\Studio for ASP.NET\ReportingTools\Designer.4)
    C1.C1Report.4.dll -----> 4.6.20111.54307 (\ComponentOne\Studio for ASP.NET\bin\v4)
    C1.Win.C1Chart.4.dll ----> 4.0.20101.20119 (\ComponentOne\Studio for ASP.NET\ReportingTools\Designer.4

    WebApplication(Project) Dll's
    C1.C1Report.4.dll -----> 4.6.20111.54307
    C1.C1Report.CustomFields.4.dll -----> 4.6.20101.1
    C1.Win.C1Chart.4.dll ---> 4.0.20111.21027

    I have added the Custom Field dll in the project as suggested in the forum but its not working. Please help!!!!!!
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    I am stuck with this issue. Please help as soon as poosible!!!!!!!
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    I am stuck with this issue. Please help as soon as possible!!!!!!!
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    I would suggest you to please test this issue with the latest build of C1 Report you may download it from here:

    Deepak Sharma
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    Thanks for your reply Deepak!! But I was able to resolve this issue by my own!!!!!
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