Error Updating ASP.NET Wijmo

Originally Posted 23 June 2016, 8:14 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 23 June 2016, 8:14 pm EST

    Hello, I am using the latest C1 Live and when I attempt to update the ASP.NET Wijmo components, I get the error:

    Cannot find file "bin\C1.C1Report.2.dll" in downloaded zip file.

    Installed version is 3.5.20152.218 trying to update to 3.5.20161.232

    Screen shot attached below.

    Running Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.

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    This is a known issue. Our development team is working on this issue (tracking id:#194414). This issue will be fixed into our next release. I will update you as soon as it will be officially released.
    Meanwhile, you are suggested to download the latest C1WebWijmo build:3.5.20161.232 from below link:

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