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Originally Posted 25 February 2013, 2:40 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 25 February 2013, 2:40 pm EST

    Recently I migrated to visual Studio 2010 and I'm using Component one web report for ASP.net I've a licensed version of 2.6.20122.54515 and 2010.V3

    The problem that I'm facing is evaluation message exception is being thrown. When I create a simple solution using vs 2010 and if I set the property of webreport.visible = false I'm not getting the warning message,the same I incorporated in my project but of no use the same issue exist. Why does it behave in different ways.Please help me out.
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    Hi Nithya,

    Please go through the following blog posts that explains everything you need to know about licensing C1 components : http://our.componentone.com/2012/01/13/componentone-licensing/

    Let me know if you're still facing any issues.

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    Hi Addias,
    Still I'm facing the issue, no development in it. Is that we should use different version for asp.net 2.0 and .net 4.o please reply me.
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