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Originally Posted 13 August 2014, 1:27 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 13 August 2014, 1:27 pm EST

    Frozen Columns – I am trying to freeze 1st 2 columns static using staticcolumn when scrolling horizontally . And in my project I have both vertical and horizontal scroll and when you scroll vertically , those frozen columns are still being static , other columns are scrolling up an down except these and not aligned with the complete row. Can you help me figure this out.

    Copy & paste within Grid - Is there a functionally to copy a row inside a grid and paste it as another row ? If so can you let me know how ?

    Dragging – Do you have Dragging capability as Excel.

    Formulas – I have columns 2 – 6 and in the 7th column I need the sum of columns 2 – 6 .. Is there a way to do that ? If so can you let me know how ?

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    Frozen Columns:
    It works fine at our end. Vertical scroll has not effect on frozen columns. Please provide us a sample application to test this issue further.

    C1GridView does not have an inbuilt feature for copy and paste so you’ll have to do it manually. Please take a look at the following blog post which explains how to paste data in C1GridView when ctrl + v is pressed :

    We are not sure which dragging feature are you looking for. There is no feature available for Dragging and filling cells.
    You can allow changing the Columns order by dragging with AllowColMoving =true.

    C1GridView supports formulas in Aggregate for Columns/Groups.

    Deepak Sharma
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