Optimized embedding of PDF's for iPad

Originally Posted 20 November 2016, 11:49 am EST

  • Originally Posted 20 November 2016, 11:49 am EST

    We are looking for the following solution and wondering if your products/product suite can help.

    Our high level requirements are to be able to easily and seamlessly display a PDF document within a web page that should have a very good UI even when viewed from an iPad.
    One important addition is that we will need the ability to jump between pages of the PDF based on bookmarks that exist in the PDF document.

    So I want to understand the following:
    - The simplest is if you have some kind of Viewer that we could run from our .NET application that could consume either a local or remote PDF and display it in an optimized way through a reader that is responsive (for ipad) and also has some book mark functionality (using the existing bookmarks and not creating new ones).

    - Assuming the above doesn’t exist I would be looking at the following implementation:
    A component that we could use in our .NET app to extract the bookmark information from a PDF and store it (we would store as some kind of json file)
    A component that would take the above pdf and generate html files or images or both
    Once we we can do the above then I would do the following:
    - Have some kind of Viewer that would display the above html/images for an iPad and make use of the bookmark information
    • I could theoretically find some open source image gallery javascript component and modify it in a way to jump through pages based on the extracted bookmark data.

    Does any or all of the above functionality exist with your components?
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