"Stack Empty" error using AppView v 4

Originally Posted 19 September 2014, 3:50 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 19 September 2014, 3:50 pm EST


    I'm researching putting a "mobile" UI onto an existing ASP.NET WebForms application. I am trying to us a trial version of the AppView control within a VS2013 project. No matter what I do I get a "Stack Empty" error from ASP.NET. When I remove the control markup from the .aspx page, the error goes away.

    I tried the same thing in VS2012 with the same result.

    Has anyone run into the same error?
    Has anyone got the control to work in VS2013?

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    Hello Tony,

    Please make sure that you have set the "wijmocontrolmode" to Mobile through smart tag. Also make sure that you have the handlers added properly in web.config. This error message can be raised for different reasons. I would suggest you to drag "C1AppView" on to the page in design view and not in the markup. This should work for you.

    Deepak Sharma
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    Thanks. By re-inserting the control in Design Mode fixed the problem. I appreciate your help.

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