StackedColumn and Areas in CompositeChart

Originally Posted 2 November 2013, 11:40 am EST

  • Originally Posted 2 November 2013, 11:40 am EST


    I need StackedColumn and AreaCharts in the CompositeChart. It works with BarCharts and LineCharts but not with CompositeChart. I need multiple Y-Axis, but this just works in CompositeChart.

    Is it possible to implement this? Could be expected in the future with it?
    I'm not able to show my charts in C1 (see screenshot)


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    Currently it is not possible to add an Area Chart to the CompositeChart. However this issue was already escalated to the developers and the build containing this feature would be available soon.

    You may want to check the following forum post for more information, where this issue was posted recently:

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