Assigning Empty String ("") to a cell of Datatype String results in "Nothing"

Originally Posted 21 February 2017, 6:38 am EST

  • Originally Posted 21 February 2017, 6:38 am EST

    I am using the latest version of C1 Flexgrid (2016.3) and have found the following issue:

    A cell in a column of datatype "String" cannot be essigned the value "" (Empty String). As soon as I assign that empty string, the value of the cell is "Nothing". Any other string value is stored as expected.

    If I change the datatype of that column to "Object", I can store empty strings too.

    This behavior was different in older versions of Flexgrid, so I assume this to be a bug.

    Please help. Thanks
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    This is a known issue (228266) which has now been fixed in an internal build. For 2017 v1 release, we have added two properties for handling this behavior - AllowNull for columns and EmptyAsNull for empty strings from editor.

    Will let you know once the build will be released.

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    Thanks for your quick reply. I just found release 2017 v1 to be already available for download. Problem solved.
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