Binary HelpSouce and showing a specific top via code

Originally Posted 27 January 2017, 2:27 am EST

  • Originally Posted 27 January 2017, 2:27 am EST


    1) Is there a way to show the chm file at a specific topic via code.

    I'm looking at the the following code but don't know how to do it:
    //Load chm at a specific topic externally
    c1DynamicHelp1.ShowExternalHelp(C1.Win.C1DynamicHelp.HelpTab.Topic, "Desired Topic Here");

    //Go to a specific topic via code
    c1DynamicHelp1.CurrentTopic = "Desired Topic Here";

    2) Can the HelpSource in binary file/memory stream format instead of a file path
    c1DynamicHelp1.HelpSource = Binary file;

    Thank you

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    Hi Richard,

    I would like to answer your questions in the order you have asked them:
    1. You can show a specific topic programmatically by using the ShowTopic method as demonstrated in the following documentation link:

    2. This is not possible. HelpSource property gets or sets the location of the help source, such as the name of a .chm file (for HTML Help) or the name of the main .htm file (for NetHelp) only.

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