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Originally Posted 19 May 2017, 1:37 am EST

  • Originally Posted 19 May 2017, 1:37 am EST

    What can be changed height c1ComboBox items?

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    In order to achieve your requirement, I would suggest you to use 'ItemMode' property of C1ComboBox. You can set ItemMode to "HtmlPattern" or "Html" to specify height of the items according to the given html. Please refer the attached application for the implementation.

    You can also refer the product sample "C1ComboBoxItemsModes" located at:
    "~\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms\C1Input\CS\ComboBoxItemModes".

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    How can the size height c1ComboBox items comboBox like that?

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    As per our understanding of your query, you wish to change the height of the items in C1Combobbox. If it is so, then as suggested before you may use the 'ItemMode[/i]' property and set it to '[i]HtmlPattern' and then set the 'HtmlPattern[i][/i]' property to something similar to below:
       c1ComboBox1.HtmlPattern = "<table><tr><td Height=\"50\">{Text}</td></tr></table>";

    Upon using the above approach, we could observe the change in height of the items. Please refer to the attached screen-shot "before_After.png".

    However, if this is not what you needed then we request you to please elaborate more on your requirement so that we may understand your query better and help you further.

    Also, I have once again attached the sample application for your reference.

    Ruchir Agarwal

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    Please help about this problem.
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    I want c1ComboBox items size height is smaller default comboBox Visual Studio

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    Do you wish to decrease the default height of DropDown Items in C1Combobox? If it is so, then with C1Combobox there are no properties to decrease the DropDown Items height to a value less than the default value.
    However, you may use another ComponentOne control 'C1Combo' that has 'ItemHeight' property just like MS-Combobox and can be used to have DropDown Items height similar to MS-Combobox.

    I have attached a sample application consisting C1Combo, for your reference.

    Let us know if there are any discrepancies.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ruchir Agarwal
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