C1FleViewer with C1RIbbonForm issue

Originally Posted 25 January 2017, 7:37 am EST

  • Originally Posted 25 January 2017, 7:37 am EST

    Hi all,
    i'd like to know if myproblem is o nor a FlexView issue, and u can easily reproduce that behaviour.
    I create a NEW project (vb.net),a new ribbon application project; as u can see, the ribbon form (called by default 'MainRibbonForm') Text is set to 'MainRibbonForm'. Ok, it's correct.
    Now i add a brand new C1FlexViewer.
    Once created, i just add a C1FlexViewer and then i run the application...
    And voilĂ  ! C1FlexViewer has stolen the form's text, which now has disappeared from text, even if his text property still shows the correct text value for the form's title..
    Hope a workaround is available!
    Thanks in advance.
    Fabio La Vitola
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    Hi Fabio La Vitola,

    Thanks for reporting the issue.

    We could also replicate the issue at our end and had escalated it to the concerned team (Tracking ID: 236210).
    Till then, as a workaround you can try placing the C1FlexViewer under a Panel element. It will not affect the title bar of the C1RibbonForm.

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    Honoured to serve the whole community!
    I'll try your workaround: mine, atm, is to create that control dynamically and use it via code (dim xyz as C1FlexViewer.............)


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