InputDatePicker doesn't permit change the value

Originally Posted 16 February 2017, 3:33 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 16 February 2017, 3:33 pm EST

    I'm using C1InputPanel Version=4.0.20143.9.

    I set DataSource property with a objectDataSource (a class that I developed).And I have some DateTime properties in this class.

    I filled in an instance of this class with data and set C1InputPanel.DataSource.

    C1InputPanel was filled out correctly. InputTextBox and InputNumericBox permit to change values, but InputDatePicker doesn't.

    What could be the problem?

    Follow the code creating InputDatePicker:

    private C1.Win.C1InputPanel.InputDatePicker dtpDataInicioCalculo;

    this.dtpDataInicioCalculo = new C1.Win.C1InputPanel.InputDatePicker();

    this.dtpDataInicioCalculo.DataBindings.Add(new System.Windows.Forms.Binding("BoundValue", this.boletoFungivelBindingSource, "DataInicioCalculo", true));
    this.dtpDataInicioCalculo.Name = "dtpDataInicioCalculo";
    this.dtpDataInicioCalculo.Width = 200;

    Code setting datasource:

    C1InputPanel.DataSource = MyClass;
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    Thanks for providing the code snippet.

    We tried creating a sample application and we could not replicate the issue at our end. When we set the DataSource property of C1InputPanel then, all the DateTime fields are represented as InputDatePicker, by default. In the sample application we are able to change the date in InputDatePicker. Please refer to the attached sample application.
    Hence, we request you to please make necessary changes in the attached sample application and share it back. Also share the video file representing the issue you are facing.

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    I'm sending my sample. Fields configured with DateTime doesn't permit to edit.
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    I found one mistake. I have to set a collection of MyClass in DataSource property.
    If I set one instance this problem happens.
    After that C1InputPanel Filled in correctly.

    I noticed that when I have an ObjectDataSource and set on design time to edit the layout of my fields. And set DataSource property with list<MyClass>, InputDatePicker doesn't permit to change value.

    So, I tested without set DataSource on design time. Then InputDatePicker permit to change value.

    I need to manipulate the fields inside C1InputPanel. How can I do this?


    Thank you for support.
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    Is there any way to hide InputDataNavigator? Because I don't have multiple records, I'll show one that user will select previously on a grid.
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    When DataSource property of C1InputPanel is set then, InputDataNavigator is added into it\'s Items collection. So, in order to hide InputDataNavigator use the below code snippet:
    c1InputPanel1.Items[1].Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;

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