Localization of C1PreviewPane ("C1PreviewPane besetzt ist.")

Originally Posted 6 March 2017, 8:00 am EST

  • Originally Posted 6 March 2017, 8:00 am EST

    Hi C1,

    we got an exception message from C1PreviewPane.FileSave. I assume the german localization came from your side. The text is wrong and should be improved.
    Better translation suggestion:
    "C1PreviewPane ist beschäftigt".

    Exception-Type: C1.Win.C1Preview.WinPreviewException
    Exception-Message: C1PreviewPane besetzt ist.

    bei C1.Win.C1Preview.C1PreviewPane.set_Busy(Boolean value)
    bei C1.Win.C1Preview.C1PreviewPane.FileSave(String fileName, ExportProvider exportProvider)
    bei C1dView.C1dViewForm.cmdFileSave_Click(Object sender, ClickEventArgs e)

    Best regards

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    Hi Wolfgang,
    I have escalated your suggestion to concern team (for internal use only 247317). Will get back to you once there is any information from them.

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    Just to clarify: the current message "C1PreviewPane besetzt ist." is gramatically wrong (sounds like german Yoda) and does not make sense ;-).
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