Maximum number of columns exceeded (256)

Originally Posted 21 October 2016, 2:37 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 21 October 2016, 2:37 pm EST


    I would like to merge rows of .xlsx-files into one. The way I do it gives me an Exception:

    "Maximum number of columns exceeded (256)"
    Some Excel-files I load from the filesystem have more than 256 columns. Is there a way I can get around that exception?

    ' load Excel file
    Dim book As New C1.C1Excel.C1XLBook()
    ' clone and rename first sheet (sheet names must be unique)
    Dim clone As C1.C1Excel.XLSheet = book.Sheets(0).Clone()
    clone.Name = System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fileName)

    For Each row As C1.C1Excel.XLRow In clone.Rows

    ' Exception thrown here

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    Hey Daniel,

    You can explicitly notify to load OpenXml type excels using this:

    book.Load(fileName, FileFormat.OpenXml)

    This would do it.


    PS: 2003 excel files (Biff8) imposed restriction of 256 columns.
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