A distribution license is required to deploy your SpreadJS application.

Every SpreadJS developer license comes with one developer license, one production distribution license, and a testing/staging server key. To begin development, you'll get a developer and testing/staging server key, and you can add those to your test apps. Read more about distribution keys.

How SpreadJS Licensing Works

  1. Download the free trial and install it.
  2. Buy SpreadJS for $1499 and we’ll register and send you your developer and testing keys.
  3. When you're ready to begin distributing your app to a live domain, contact sales for an activation code and licensing management link.
  4. Enter your activation code into the provided link, enter your domain(s), and it will generate your unique distribution license key. (You may purchase additional domains at the rates below.)
  5. You're ready to deploy!

What You'll Get with Your Developer License

  • Cost: $1499
  • Includes a development license with one year Maintenance for SpreadJS, which currently includes Spread.Sheets and Spread.Views. A Developer License is required for every developer using SpreadJS.
  • Includes one testing/staging server license for internal testing and deployment.
  • Includes one distribution license for one domain for external deployment.
  • Quantity discounts are available for multiple/team developers
  • Major and minor version releases. (You are guaranteed one major new release each year)
  • Unlimited Support Calls
  • Email support
  • Automatic notification of all new maintenance releases
  • Automatic notification and delivery of new versions
  • Membership on support site
  • Forum support monitored by support and development teams
  • Maintenance downloads

How to License SpreadJS 11 in your application

Read the blog post

Generate a distribution key for SpreadJS

Watch the video:

Maintenance Support

Maintenance support includes:

  • Renewal for one distribution license
  • Major and minor version releases. (You are guaranteed one major new release each year)
  • Unlimited support phone calls
  • Maintenance downloads

After your first free year, you can continue receiving the benefits by annually renewing your Maintenance Support for $599. Renewing your Maintenance automatically renews your single Distribution license.

SpreadJS Distribution License

A Distribution License is required for each server hostname or named mobile/desktop application. You can purchase additional deployment licenses in packs as follows.

Number of Hostname/Application Distribution Licenses* Annual Fee,
Paid Annually
Perpetual Licenses**
One (1) Domain Free first year; automatically renews with Maintenance renewal. Also available to renew separately  
Two (2) to Five (5) Domains $1999 $6999
Twenty-five (25) Domains $7999
Unlimited Domains $19,999 $69,999
  • You must own at least one Developer License to purchase a distribution pack.
    ** Perpetual licenses do not need to be renewed annually. If you plan to use your application for more than five years, they're an excellent cost-saving option.

A five (5) Hostname/Application Distribution License would license up to either of these distribution scenarios:

  • www.domain.com
  • sub1.domain.com
  • sub2.domain.com
  • sub3.domain.com
  • sub4.domain.com


  • sub1.domain.com
  • sub2.domain.com
  • sub3.domain.com
  • sub4.domain.com
  • sub5.domain.com

Optional Source Code Licenses

  • You must own at least one developer license to purchase source code.
  • Source code license includes unminified source code. Editing rights vary by license rights.
  • Contact sales for pricing information.
Product Source code rights Rights to modify source code
Spread.Sheets and Spread.Views Educational/Archive/Debugging No
Development Yes
OEM rights Contact sales
End User Designer Development Yes

SpreadJS Licensing Table

Product Quantity Fee Length of License Required for Deployment Notes
Developer License 1 license/developer $1499 Perpetual Yes
Maintenance Support 1/developer license 1 year free with initial purchase of Developer License 1 year Includes phone support and all releases within the calendar year
Maintenance Support Renewal 1/developer license $599/year 1 year; renew annually
Annual Distribution License pack One (1) 1 year free with initial purchase of Developer License; $599 to renew 1 year; renew annually Yes Requires at least one (1) Developer License
Two (2) to Five (5) $1999/year
Twenty-five (25) $7999/year
Unlimited $19,999/year
Perpetual Distribution License pack Five (5) $6999 Perpetual
Twenty-five (25) $27,999
Unlimited $69,999
SpreadJS source code No editing 1 license/developer Contact sales Perpetual Requires at least one (1) Developer License
With editing 1 license/developer
OEM rights Contact sales
SpreadJS End-User Designer Source Code 1 license/developer $5000 Perpetual Requires at least one (1) Developer License