GrapeCity, Inc., publishes the Wijmo product line.

Choose from two varieties of commercial license

GrapeCity offers a Commercial License for developers who want to build applications. For developers who want to create their own SDK’s application builders (or site builders) based on GrapeCity software, GrapeCity offers a Commercial OEM/SaaS license. Each is explained below in detail.

If you're using Wijmo and see a watermark, you're looking at an evaluation copy.

Read the End-User License Agreement.

Commercial OEM/SaaS License

  • The Commercial OEM/SaaS license terms vary based on your exact usage. Since customer needs vary widely in this space, each agreement is highly customized.
  • If you want to simply ship our software with new language bindings or slightly customized UI widgets, we offer terms that are similar to traditional reseller agreements.
  • If you want to embed and extend ComponentOne software in visual application builders, terms are generally fixed fee plus royalty based. Inquire about OEMs and SaaS

Wijmo Core Evaluation Copy

Why am I seeing this?

You're seeing a "Powered by Wijmo Core Eval" watermark. The page you were viewing is using an Evaluation copy of Wijmo Core. Evaluation copies are available for free download from our website. You may also be seeing it because you are using the Wijmo Core CDN. We only host watermarked versions of Wijmo Core on our CDN.

How do I get rid of the watermark?

You must download and use a licensed version of Wijmo Core in order to remove the watermark. You can purchase Wijmo Core from our website or from our sales team. Once you purchase Wijmo Core, you will receive an email containing a link to download a licensed copy of our files. You can also access your licensed files by logging in to our site and visiting your account page. Thanks for evaluating Wijmo Core!

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