About Spread Designer

SpreadJS Developer comes packaged with the Spread.Sheets Designer runtime which is used by JavaScript developers to easily create and design how Spread.Sheets looks and functions within their applications.

With the new Spread.Sheets End-User Designer, you can now provide this same functionality to your end users! Data management, data visualization, forms creation, and other spreadsheet and reporting functions can now be easily embedded into your application to satisfy your desktop, web, and mobile needs… both online and offline.

The Spread.Sheets End-User Designer, available separately, is an online version of Spread.Sheet’s desktop designer that includes complete pure JavaScript source code. We did the hard part – the coding, that has been tested and used by professional developers around the world. Use this same source and quickly extend it to fit your application’s needs!

Popular Use Cases and Functions

Design your form online

Allow the users to edit forms just like Excel; no need to learn how to design the appearance of the form with code.

Fill out the form online

Form data can be collected from a database and then presented online.

Grid Functionality

Sorting, filtering, grouping, and other functions you would expect in a grid are all included.

Data Validation

Multiple authentication types and modes are supported.

Freeze Rows and Columns

Freeze the first row, first column, last row, or last column, to easily add line statistics and other functions to improve readability.

Formula Support

460+ built-in formulas, as well as support for custom formulas

Data Binding

Bind cells and use unbound cells for data.

Conditional Formatting

Quickly create conditional formats for your data.

Allow Users to Design Their Own Templates, Views, or Reports

No coding required for users to create their own spreadsheets and views

Design Templates and Views

With the Spread.Sheets End-User Designer, your user can create templates and Excel files similar to the online version of Excel, with the added customizability of Spread.Sheets features. Users can also import existing Excel templates offline to load into their reporting system, or create new templates that can be exported.

Design Templates and Views

Complete Forms

Users can directly fill in their data in a form online, just like in Excel Online. Users can also download a form template, fill in their data, and then upload it back to your system.

Complete Forms

Data Management

After your user completes the form, you can save it to a file or an existing database with its own custom structure that you define.

Existing Data Sheet

When creating a sheet, you can specify the data template that corresponds to the existing data table and then import that template.

Existing Data Sheet

Create a New Data Table Template

You can design the data template to correspond to the database structure, including items like field names, cell types, optional values, and more.

Create a New Data Table Template

Common Questions

Question: The .NET platform can be used, but can this be used on a Java platform as well?

Spread.Sheets and the Spread.Sheets End-User Designer are purely front-end products, and there are no platform restrictions. The Spread.Sheets End-User Designer is made up of JS, CSS, and HTML files, so you can use it in Java and other platforms.

Question: I use a Windows server, can a Linux server also be used?

Spread.Sheets and the Spread.Sheets End-User Designer are purely front-end products, requiring only a browser that supports HTML5. They do not require any servers to use.

Question: Is the Spread.Sheets End-User Designer included in the SpreadJS package?

The Spread.Sheets End-User Designer is sold separately and is not included in the SpreadJS package. You can download the SpreadJS Trial that comes packaged with the Spread.Sheets Designer runtime, which is very similar to the End-User Designer to explore its functionality. End-User Designer source code is $5000 for a perpetual license, and you can contact sales for details.