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Data Access with Silverlight

  • Nov 11, 2009
  • 1 hr

Silverlight is a new Web presentation technology that is created to run on a variety of platforms. It enables the creation of rich, visually stunning and interactive experiences that can run everywhere. The paradigm for accessing data, whether residing in a database, or as XML, differs from other platforms in that it is strictly asynchronous. Learn Silverlight development techniques for data access and how ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight makes it even easier.

Audience(s): Developer

Level: 200

What we will cover:

  • Brief overview of how data access differs between Silverlight 3 and other .NET technologies.
  • Discuss current and future data-access techniques available in Silverlight 3 for creating business tiered applications.
  • Demonstrate common use scenario of binding Silverlight 3 controls to a database file on the server.
  • Demonstrate how Silverlight provides support for management and access of data, be it local data, or data in the cloud.
  • Show how to setup and bind ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight to a dataset from a server.
  • Show how to bind ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight to a dataset from a server.
  • Briefly overview benefits of using ComponentOne Data for Silverlight.