MultiRow Features

Reduce scrolling on smaller layouts in a familiar data grid setting

  • Display many fields in single page without scrolling
  • Display a grid in a flexible layout
  • Group some fields and show hierarchical structure
  • Uses multiple rows to represent each record
  • Merge cells for each record (not only for single record)
  • Header has the same layout as body, and also header can be collapsed into single row
  • Users can navigate with keyboard just same way as single row grid
  • Select all rows of a record by clicking row header

Pagination in JavaScript MultiRow

Pagination in MultiRow

Access all the features of FlexGrid

  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Paging
  • Freezing rows and columns
  • Adding and deleting records
  • Data type
  • Datamap
  • Resizing column
  • Read more about FlexGrid

Grouping data in JavaScript MultiRow

Grouping data in MultiRow

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