ReportViewer Features

Explore ReportViewer's features

When paired with ComponentOne Ultimate’s ComponentOne FlexReport, a .NET reporting solution, and Web API, ReportViewer allows your users to generate powerful, fast reports and display them in web or hybrid mobile apps.

Every feature you’d expect from a document viewer is included out-of-the-box:

  • Print and page setup support
  • Responsive viewer
  • Thumbnails
  • Search
  • Pagination
  • Document map
  • Full-screen and resizing options
  • Continuous scrolling options

Generate fast, powerful reports with ComponentOne FlexReport

  • Fast: Benchmarked with 200% better performance than competition
  • Migrate: Import from your current reporting engine quickly and easily
    • C1Report migration tool allows you to upgrade your C1Reports to ComponentOne FlexReport in a single batch, without any changes to the report.
    • Crystal Reports migration supports all primary Crystal Report features, including sections, special fields, and formatting.
  • Beautiful data visualization: Enhanced rendering sharpens text, shape, and border rendering.
  • Cross-platform: FlexReport data engine is available in WinForms, WPF, and UWP, with support for report viewing in ASP.NET MVC and Wijmo HTML5/JavaScript.

Wijmo's HTML5 ReportViewer calls a web API that renders the document for a web application.

Create code-free reports with ComponentOne FlexReport Designer

With GrapeCity’s ComponentOne Ultimate bundle, you’ll be able to create code-free .NET reports with the standalone ComponentOne FlexReport Designer app. You can migrate SSRS and Crystal Reports easily with FlexReport.

  • Customize the Designer to your needs with source code
  • Use Snap Lines to show or align distance from the controls
  • Expand and collapse Sections and Subsections
  • Display Section and Subsection header strips with Show Captions settings. Select from All, Sections, Hairline, or Hidden
  • Use the Chart Editors at Design time to set Chart Field’s Properties, Data sources, and Visual Effects
  • Add, edit, or remove Data Sources, Parameters, Sort Expressions, or Calculated Fields with the Data Tab
  • Edit Sort Expressions and Calculated Fields in the Expression Editor
  • Automatically align numbers to the left and other values to the right with the Align General button