Active Reports 14 adding a lot of references to my project

Posted by: jdornbirer on 14 January 2020, 3:34 am EST

  • Posted 14 January 2020, 3:34 am EST

    hi, I just updated from AR 12 to AR 14. I use AR to create code based reports in VB.NET and deploy them using Click-Once. In AR 12, I only had to add about 4 or 5 references for the reports to work. In AR 14, when I create a new Section Report it is adding 200MB worth of references and over 1000 files to my project. Is there a simpler way to add only the references I need in my project for keep the number of files at a minimum?
  • Replied 14 January 2020, 8:14 pm EST


    Could you please tell me the function of your application so that I can tell you all the necessary references and also share the snapshot AR12 dll.
    >>over 1000 files to my project.
    It is strange, Could you please share the list of files which are added in the project while using the AR14.

  • Replied 15 January 2020, 8:31 am EST

    hi Mohit,
    I have attached some screen shots. To give a little more info, my old computer is running Visual Studio 2017 with AR 12. On that PC, I was able to simply add 7 AR references from the ...Program Files\ActiveReports12 folder. My new PC is running Visual Studio 2019 with AR 14. When I create a new ActiveReports 14 Section Report Application (code-based), it adds 20 GrapeCity references, as well as a lot of other system references. And it also creates a "Packages" folder in my project with 30 folders. The Packages folder is what is showing as over 1000 files/folders in some of my projects when I go to check my code into Source Control, so I have been excluding that from check-in. I'm not sure how much of this is a difference between VS2017 vs VS2019 or AR12 vs AR14, but it seems much more complicated now. I also use Click-Once to publish my apps to an application server, and the Click-Once package has gone from 25 to 50 MB. I just started using VS2019 this week, so still sorting everything out. Just wanted to post this to confirm this is how AR14 now works and that I'm not doing something incorrectly when adding the references? Thanks.
  • Replied 15 January 2020, 10:11 pm EST


    It is due to NuGet dependencies. If your ClickOnce have feature of only previewing the sectionreport in WinViewer then you can delete all the deleting the dlls/packages apart from the following dlls/packages


    Hope it helps.

  • Replied 16 January 2020, 8:53 am EST

    Thank you Mohit, that is helpful! I have 1 other question. If I create a new Windows Forms App (.NET Framework) with a single form in Visual Studio 2019, then select Add/New Item and select a ActiveReports 14 Section Report (code-based), it adds 29 packages in the "packages" folder within my project. And it also adds the long list of references I mentioned earlier. Is there a way to turn off the Nuget functionality in VS 2019 so I can just add the report and then manually add the 7 references you mentioned above from the "C:\Program Files (x86)\GrapeCity\ActiveReports 14\Tools" directory? Or does Active Reports 14 have to use the Nuget Package Manager?
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    Replied 16 January 2020, 5:29 pm EST


    No, for AR14 you have to use the Nuget Package Manager. As we don't put the dll in the GAC folder due to .Net Core support. Please delete the unwanted packages manually.

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • Replied 17 January 2020, 12:56 am EST

    ok, thanks for your help!
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