DataDynamice.ActiveReports.Parameter replacement in AR v15?

Posted by: christopher.wuertz on 10 May 2021, 5:41 am EST

  • Posted 10 May 2021, 5:41 am EST

    I'm in the process of upgrading some ActiveReports 3 reports to Active Reports 15 and I've encountered several deprecated types.

    In particular the DataDynamice.ActiveReports.Parameter no longed exists. But I can't find a clear replacement for it in the GrapeCityActiveReports classes. The code below is just trying to create a new report parameter and return it. Any ideas??

  • Replied 11 May 2021, 3:36 pm EST


    You can use "GrapeCity.ActiveReports.SectionReportModel.Parameter" instead of the " DataDynamice.ActiveReports.Parameter "

  • Replied 23 February 2022, 7:06 pm EST

    I am using ActiveReports 12 in my Winforms application. I have a report that uses parameters. I was using this code to add values to the parameters:

    parameters[i].Add(new ParameterValue { Value = dv.Table.Rows[0][colName], Label = colName });

    I recently upgraded to ActiveReports 15 and now that code give me an error along the lines of this type of parameter does not support adding values directly. What is the new way to add values to parameters?

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    Replied 24 February 2022, 11:11 pm EST

    Hello ljglmail

    In ActiveReports 15 please use the following line of code to add ParameterValue in Parameter class.

    pageReport.Document.Parameters[1].Values.Add(new GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Expressions.ExpressionObjectModel.ParameterValue());


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