RepeatColumns in multicolumn activereports

Posted by: selvavigneshcodex on 23 March 2021, 4:49 pm EST

  • Posted 23 March 2021, 4:49 pm EST

    I have created a multicolumn report using ColumnCount(ColumnCount = 6). Now the Columns are seperated into 6 equal parts with gray empty space. I want to fill the empty space with the columns in run time when the records are empty. . I have been search for this about one day, but I couldn't find any solution. Please share your knowledge.
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    Replied 24 March 2021, 5:57 pm EST


    I suggest you to use the PageReport instead of the SectionReport to achieve your requirement.
    You can use the OverFlowPlaceHolder instead of the column count to show the six row in the page. Also, use the RepeatToFill property of the Table control to fill the empty space. Please refer to the following link:

    Also, refer to the attached report for implementing the same.

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