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Posted by: rak on 10 May 2021, 2:35 am EST

  • Posted 10 May 2021, 2:35 am EST

    Is there a way to get the dynamic parameter set to jump to report through resource locator. I am able to fetch only the sub report name. Is there a way when user clicks on a report fetch the dynamic jump to report parameters from resource locator to make my custom API call from my code.
  • Replied 10 May 2021, 8:18 pm EST

    Thanks for your question. You can find the example of dynamic drill-through report resolution in the attached project.
  • Replied 11 May 2021, 1:19 am EST

    I saw your example which you have sent. I have already implemented the ResourceLocator function. My question is along with the subreport name can we also get the dynamic parameters which is set from main report to subreport ie the parameters which we set in action jump to report so that we can pass parameters to API to filter the data.
  • Replied 11 May 2021, 10:19 pm EST

    If you want to achieve that, then you could use the embedded data in the drill-through report. The app would request the data, filter them and inject them into the report itself.
  • Replied 12 May 2021, 1:22 am EST

    In the ResourceLocator is there any extra arguments available along with sub report name like the parameters sent to subreport?
  • Replied 16 May 2021, 9:22 pm EST

    The getResource method has the single argument that is the name of the resource to resolve
  • Replied 17 May 2021, 8:02 am EST

    Thank you for your answer. Is there a way to implement goToNextPage(), goToPrevPage(),backToParent() inside ResourceLocator. Instead of returning sub report can I call goToNextPage(). For example, I have a button on my report when user clicks on that it has to got to next page. Hence, I am adding jump to report functionality to that button. So when user clicks on the button ResouceLocator callback function is called and based on report name I have to call goToNextPage().
  • Replied 17 May 2021, 8:21 pm EST

    getResource function has to return the resolved resource, for instance, the report object. I am still now sure what exactly you want to achieve though.
  • Replied 18 May 2021, 12:57 am EST

    I have a button on the bottom page. When the user clicks on the button the report has to render the next page. I read the documentation and found goToNextPage() method is available for the viewer class. so, how do I implement a button which takes me to next page instead of using default next in the toolbar.
    To implement this, the button has to have a action and the action I have added is jump to report.
    When user clicks on the button, ResourceLocator callback is called , how do I implement goToNextPage() when getResource function has to return the resolved resource.
  • Marked as Answer

    Replied 18 May 2021, 9:01 pm EST

    getResource can't be used to call the next page method. This is not possible.
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