How to avoid space of the control in case of empty or null value

Posted by: hmihir on 24 June 2020, 9:48 pm EST

  • Posted 24 June 2020, 9:48 pm EST


    In ActiveReportJs , I want to hide control(element) if value is null or empty.

    e.g. I am using subreport(history) in report.
    Using angular I am passing data(apiurl) as param to report. and that param will be evaluated to datasource.
    Now in response of webapi holds one field history, if history is null or empty array then want to hide that history subreport(which is actually not hiding as of now. Its showing empty space).

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    Replied 26 June 2020, 1:38 am EST


    Can you access the "history" value in the main report. If yes, then you can add the expression in the Hidden property of the SubReport like follow:

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