How to hide empty space?

Posted by: mmoroz on 23 May 2023, 11:58 pm EST

  • Posted 23 May 2023, 11:58 pm EST - Updated 24 May 2023, 12:03 am EST

    I group data based on specific fields and use conditional expressions to display fields (if a field is empty, it should be hidden). However, when there is no data, empty space still remains. How can I prevent the space from being reserved if there is no data?

  • Posted 25 May 2023, 5:48 pm EST

    Hello Maksym,

    If the generalData.Adresse does not return a boolean value. I would suggest you to use the following expression instead:

    {IIF(IsNothing(generalData.Adresse) OR generalData.Adresse = "", true, false)}

    For reference, I have also attached a sample report. In the Address TextBoxes a similar expresison is used to hide the field when empty.

  • Posted 25 May 2023, 10:14 pm EST - Updated 25 May 2023, 10:25 pm EST

    I I used the condition you wrote but no result.

    Could you fix it in the file?

    This is a test template. Now I am testing whether your library is suitable for our project. But hiding elements without reserving space is a very important factor for us.

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